Who is Kristin?

Somehow through searching in Google or WordPress you found me and at this moment you might be wondering who is Kristin?, what is the blog iamkristin.com about? Well to write or explain who I am in one blog is just not possible so let’s just start with the basics. I am 32 years old, I … More Who is Kristin?

Gmail Signature Templates – Saves Time!

I have recently found that with my Pet Sitting business (www.pawsitivepetcare4u.com), I’ve been typing and sending the same type of emails over and over.  I decided to do some research and found that gmail does actually offer signature templates.  I didn’t know!  this is amazing news.  I spend a few minutes learning how to do … More Gmail Signature Templates – Saves Time!

Hallway from Hell

Everyone has had that long awkward moment that they wished would hurry up and pass. For me this happens on a daily basis. I call it “Hallway from Hell”. This is one of the longest, quietest hallways I’ve ever had to walk through. At my work this is the main way to reach the bathroom … More Hallway from Hell