Vlogmas 1: After successfully doing a daily vlog on my vacation I am now going to attempt to do the entire month of December. I’ll be doing vlogmas this year! This is the first time that I’ve ever tried to do this many daily videos. I’ve never done vlogmas. I was actually inspired by Casey … More VLOGMAS VIDEOS!!

What is Vlogmas?

Christmas is right around the corner, this means we’ll get snow (at least in Denver), shopping and Vlogmas! I’ve decided to participate this year and uploaded my first video today.  Check it out below! Now, What Is Vlogmas?? Vlogmas is daily vlogging with a Christmas twist.  It literally means VLOGging till ChristMAS.  Most YouTubers post a video … More What is Vlogmas?

DIY Spider Egg Sac

You’ll Need: 1 Pair of White Stockings 1 Foam Ball, Rock or another round object Newspaper or Paper Towel Plastic Spiders Hot Glue Gun Pushpins or Hook Directions: 1. Begin by cutting the legs off of your white stockings 2. Wrap your round object with some newspaper or paper towel .  You can also use the newspaper … More DIY Spider Egg Sac