Is Bullymake Box Better than BarkBox? | $10 OFF PROMO CODE

Bullymake Box vs Barkbox Click this link and use the promo code below to get $10 OFF! PROMO CODE: IAK10OFF BULLYMAKE BOX: “We’re the one subscription company that focuses ONLY on power chewers! We deliver toys and treats based on your dog’s weight and allergy preferences. You get hand selected perfection in every Bullymake … More Is Bullymake Box Better than BarkBox? | $10 OFF PROMO CODE

New Dog Checklist

A couple of friends inspired this post.  They both recently got new dogs and needed some help with a checklist.  I’ve had dogs my entire life so I put together this list for them and all of you! 🙂 Some of these are obvious but you don’t want to forget something simple.  I get most … More New Dog Checklist

itchy itchy!

We decided to take our dog to the park, she decided to get dirty.  This was smelly black mud, she rolled and rolled and got all nice and dirty…then got very itchy.  She rolled and rolled down the hill.