New Uses For Everyday Items

1. Clear Nail Polish To Secure Screws

Nail polish works like invisible glue, helping those sometimes loose screws to stay in their place. Another tip: If it’s too late and your screw is already lost, a small earring stud will hold it together until you’re able to replace the screw.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

2. Rubber Band Latch Stopper

This rubber band trick keeps a door latch from opening; perfect for a baby’s room door that needs to be kept quiet, or if you are going in and out of a door and don’t have your hands free to turn the knob. It could be very useful on moving day!

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

3. Rubber Band Paint Scraper

To keep the edges of your paint can clean for easy cleanup and sealing, stretch a rubber band around the can and use it to wipe excess paint off of your brushes.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

4.  Pool Noodles As Boot Stands

Keep your boots looking their best in an upright position using pool noodles. They are a perfect size, lightweight, and much cheaper than boot stands.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

5. Pipe Cleaners As A No-Slip Aid

I have this problem all the time, especially with my wide-mouthed shirts. You can keep them from sliding off by wrapping pipe cleaners around the ends, and I’ve also seen this done with wide rubber bands looped around the top and bottom of both ends of the hanger.

6. Bag Closures As Cord Labels

With all of the different cords we have plugged into our power strips these days, it can be quite puzzling which cords go to which devices. Label them with bag closures to help lessen the confusion.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

7. Shower Cap As A Shoe Cover

I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually used a shower cap, but for whatever reason, I’ve started a small collection from those freebies you get at hotels. Use them to cover the soles of your shoes before packing them in a suitcase. This keeps the dirt and grime from getting on the rest of your packed items!

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

8. Dryer Sheets To Clean Baseboards

Why? Not just because they will leave your house smelling amazing, but the fabric softener works as a dust repellent, and for you, this means less cleaning and less often.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

9. Tissue Box As Plastic Bag Storage

When your tissues run out, repurpose those pretty boxes to hold plastic bags! They work perfectly to disperse just one bag at a time.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

10. Silverware Tray As A Toothbrush Organizer

Keep those toothbrushes off the counter and hidden in a drawer with a silverware tray! This is great if you have multiple kids sharing a single bathroom.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

12. Binder Clips As A Cable Organizer

Don’t let them fall to the floor! Use binder clips attached to the lip of your desk to keep your computer cables and phone chargers handy.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

13. Hanger Clasps As Bag Clips

You can never have enough bag clips! I recall having a drawer full of these in the kitchen that have now dwindled down to just a few. Recycle those clasps on the ends of hangers and repurpose them for the kitchen where they will actually get used.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items

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