Amazon Finds – Silicone Can Lids

Amazon Finds – Part 6

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These lids are great, they fit all sizes.  I haven’t found a can yet that it won’t fit on.  The other thing I really like is all you have to do is put it on top of the can and push, it figures out what groove to fit it in and has a tight seal. It’s also made from a really good silicone material!

Buy Here: Silicone Can Lids

Here are the details from Amazon……

  • UNIVERSAL SIZE–The pet food can cover has three rings, Inner Diameter are 2.5″ 2.9″ 3.3″ and stretches a bit, Fits standard type of Pet Cans,like 3 oz,5.5 oz and 12 oz cans.
  • EXCELLENT AIRTIGHT–The lid is made of silica gel which is very soft and flexible,allow to fit snugly and grip the rim of the cans giving a good seal.keep the food fresh longer and and prevents the fridge from smelling like pet food.
  • SAFE and NONTOXIC–These dog cat food can lids are Made of 100% Premium Silicone at food grade,BPA free,safe and nontoxic,could restore with food long time with no harm.
  • EASY to USE–Quite flexible and pliable, easy to pull on, and they have a little handle with bump design for easy removability.
  • DURABLE–Silicone can covers will not crack,melt,or warp. Withstand high temperature. Dishwasher safe.


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