Amazon Finds – Seat Wedge Cup Holder

Amazon Finds – Part 7

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We purchased a new couch for our house and it doesn’t really allow for end tables, except on the one side.  I started looking for some options for cup holders. After eliminating a shelf, a back of couch table and a few other options, I found this and it is perfect! We use this all the time, it’s very sturdy and we’ve never had any issues.  I highly recommend one of these.

Buying Options Here: Seat Wedge Cup Holder

Here are the details from Amazon……

  • CUP AND PHONE HOLDER: This universal holder wedges between your seat and center console. Fit to-go mugs and cups, phones, can, juice boxes and more in the compartments.
  • CAR CUP HOLDER: Keep your car organized with this cup storage holder that’s easy to clean & simple to install & remove. Creates extra storage space in your car for general use, road trips & other activities.
  • CUP HOLDERS: Keep your favorite refreshments close by with durable cup holders that can fit multiple sized mugs, to-go cups & more. Some feature storage options for phones & accessories.
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR CAR ACCESSORIES: We provide you with plenty of car auto accessories to customize your vehicle. Check out our floor mats, deer alerts, phone cup holders, chargers Bluetooth speakers & more!
  • AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES: Our mission at Custom Accessories is to offer automotive accessories from industry leading brands. Feel excited about your vehicle with ArmorAll, Pennzoil, Realtree Xtra & more.


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