25 Fun Activities For Toddlers

As a parent, the hardest thing to do right now is keeping your little ones occupied while being in quarantine from this Coronavirus.  I decided to create a list of things they can do besides watching TV and playing with video games.  Here is the list I came up with:

  1. Finger-paint
  2. Trace with flour
  3. Play balloon catch
  4. Find things in the clouds
  5. Roll down a hill
  6. Play “I Spy”
  7. Play with flashlights
  8. Color or Paint
  9. Explore the house with magnets to see what they stick to. * NO TV SCREENS *
  10. Play parachute games with a bed sheet
  11. Go bowling (plastic bottles and a tennis ball)
  12. Draw a picture (or learn to draw)
  13. Put on a puppet show
  14. Make art with sidewalk chalk
  15. Build something with Legos
  16. Blow bubbles for your toddler to catch
  17. Play in the sprinkler (summer) or go sledding (winter)
  18. Have a dance party
  19. Rock painting
  20. Hide and seek
  21. Experiment to see whether common objects float or sink
  22. Play dress up
  23. Stack cups to see how high you can get them
  24. Play race car (use old cardboard box)
  25. Do a simple puzzle


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