Sony Vegas Pro 17 Freezing and Crashes (EASY FIX)

I recently purchased Sony Vegas Pro 17 and after a couple of months, it started crashing after just 5-10 minutes of use. I saved my projects often but losing 10 minutes of work still sucks! I started doing some research and found that this solution is the best to fix this issue. It’s also so easy to fix and takes 2 min! Here are the directions on how to stop Sony Vegas Pro 17 from crashing and freezing:
  1. Click Options
  2. Go to “Preferences” and hold the shift key, then click. This will bring up developer options that includes the “Internal” option
  3. Select “Internal” & scroll to the very bottom 
  4. In the search box type “SO4 
  5. Go to “Enable So4 compound reader for AVC/M2TS” and delete the word “TRUE”
  6. Enter the word “FALSE” (all caps), click outside of the box 
  7. Hit Apply
  8. Hit OK
  9. Restart Sony Vegas Pro 17
IMPORTANT NOTE! One know issue is issues with 10 bit videos on iPhone or high end SLRs.  Sony Vegas might have a hard time reading it.  Most people do not ever use 10 bit video footage.  If you do use 10 bit videos, do not change this setting.


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