IAK Photo Challenge: Match

Hey guys, it’s time for another photo challenge! Don’t forget to link your blog in the comments or post your photo so we can all see how you interpreted this week’s word!

This weeks photo challenge is: MATCH This is another one of those words I love because it can have so many meanings, depending on how you look at it!  A literal match? a couple? matching items? let’s see your photos! I decided to post this photo of my two dogs because we are constantly being told how much they look-alike. I felt like in this moment their appearance and facial expression really matches each other. 

New To Our Photo Challenges??

Join in on the fun! or Check out the most recent photo challenge here!

When you join, you’ll be notified when the next challenge is.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie photographer, a professional or you just love taking pictures for fun. These photo challenges will inspire you to think outside the box and allow you to connect with other photo lovers!

How does it work?
  • On Friday of each week, I’ll post a theme word for that week’s photo challenge. You’ll want to take a photo of how you interpret the themed word.  Post this photo on your blog before the following Friday when the next photo theme is posted.
  • Title your post as “Weekly Photo Challenge: (add the theme word for that week)”
  • You can also leave your blog post link in the comments for that week’s themed post announcement.  This way other can view how you interpreted that picture and we can all support each other!

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