DIY: Merry Christmas Banner

You’ll Need:

  • Green Construction Paper
  • Red Construction Paper
  • Tree Cutout
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Glitter, Pom Poms & Ribbon
  • Cup /Glass
  • Thread
  • Large Needle
  • 2 Push Pins

Directions: (video below)

I first saw this while reading posts here on wordpress and I came along one written by Gembelina.  She had created a banner with her kids and it looked so cute that I wanted to try this with my kids, so here is my version of the Christmas Banner.

  1. After covering a table with newspaper, cut out about 20 Christmas trees.  You will only need 16 but you’ll want extra in case a few don’t turn out right.  Find the pattern hereIMG_5635
  2. Now you’ll want to start applying glue to the trees.  Make sure you use a liquid glue and not a glue stick.  IMG_5639
  3. Once you have the glue where you want it, now start to apply the glitter.  You can also use markers or any other decorations you want to make your Christmas tree. IMG_5638
  4. Once all of your trees are finished, set them aside to try.  You will now need to make the circles that will eventually say Merry Christmas.  Find something that is round and approximately 2″ wide, then use that to trace your circles.  I used a candle to trace these circles. IMG_5640
  5. Carefully cut them out.  You will need at least 15.  14 for the letters to spell Merry Christmas and one for the spacer in between.  Make a few extras in case you need to redo a few.  IMG_5641
  6. Take the same glue you used for the Christmas trees and start writing out each letter on the red circle. IMG_5643
  7. Once you have all your trees and circles cut out and decorated.  Let them dry on a flat surface.   Then get some yarn or thread and begin to string them together, like so….IMG_5646
  8. Once you’re finished you can place this banner across a doorway or on a wall.   This is a fun project for you and your children to do together.  Don’t forget to have them initial which tree they did so they can tell anyone who sees it. IMG_5649 IMG_5647

6 thoughts on “DIY: Merry Christmas Banner

  1. Love the Christmas banner! More beautiful
    than anything you could buy and togetherness of family is the only gift that


  2. You can never have too much glitter 😉 I love that they look like proper Christmas trees. I’ve just posted some simple lolly stick decorations your little ones might like. Don’t you just wish it could be Christmas every day 🙂 x


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