DIY Spider Web | Halloween Decorations

This Halloween decoration was cheap and really easy to make.  There is no reason why you have to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, try this instead! I spent less than $3 🙂


  • You’ll need:
  • Black Yarn
  • Clear Tape or Push Pins
  • Scissors
  • Printed Spider or you can get one from the $1 store






  1. Set up the base of your web.  Start by making a + sign that is slightly off center, then add 2-3 more pieces of yarn.  Make sure to wrap the yarn around the center when crossing them over each other so it stays centered.
  2. Create the spiral
    • You’ll need to cut a very long piece of yarn that can weave in and out of the spokes.  I wrapped the yarn around my 4 fingers 50x to create a small ball that I could easily be maneuvered around and in between the yarn.   
    • Take the small ball of yarn and wrap it over the top of the first piece of yarn (spoke), then loop it back under the same yarn.
      Keep doing that all the way around, over the top of the yarn, back under, repeat. When you run out of yarn just tie it off and then tie another piece right next to it and keep going.
  3. Add your spider and you’re all done!

Here is a video to demonstrate how I made this:


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