You’ll Need:

1 1/2 -2 yards of felt in any color
Black felt (8×10 sheet)
Black Ribbon – about 3 feet
Jems (for the collar)
2 inch wide black elastic
Hot Glue Gun
Poodle Cutout (Print Here)
Music Notes Cutout (Print Here)



  1. Fold material in half and then again.poodle-skirt
  2. Figure out what size you need to cut the opening. My daughters waist is 21″. Calculate your waist using the following.
    * 21 (waist)+2=23 / 6.28 = 3.66 (roughly 3.5 inches)
  3. I used a measuring tape and marked 3.5 inches on both sides of the materialpoodle-skirt-2
  4. Use a large bowl to draw a line going form one side to another.  You want this to look like a half circlepoodle-skirt-3
  5. Now use the measuring tape to mark out the length of your skirt.  Place one end of the measuring tape on the line you drew out, then stretch the measuring tape out so that it’s almost to the very end of your material.  Mark the spot with a dot and move over 6″ and mark another dot.  Keep going until you’ve made it all the way around.poodle-skirt-4
  6. Cut the top and bottom of your skirt, following the blue lines you’ve drawn out.  When you open it up, your material will have been cut into a large circle with a smaller circle in the middlepoodle-skirt-5poodle-skirt-6
  7. Now use your black elastic (cut to the size of your waist) and begin attaching it to the inner circle.  You’ll need to fold over the material every few inches so that the whole becomes smaller and will fit your waist.poodle-skirt-7poodle-skirt-8
  8. Now cutout your poodle and music notes.  Print them here: Poodle / Music Notes
  9. Use a white crayon to outline them on your black felt material
  10. Use a hot glue gun to attach your poodle & music notes to your skirtpoodle-skirt-11
  11. Add gems below the poodles neck to make it look like a collar
  12. Use a glue gun to attach the black ribbon from the poodles neck to the top of your skirt

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