Vlogmas 1:
After successfully doing a daily vlog on my vacation I am now going to attempt to do the entire month of December. I’ll be doing vlogmas this year! This is the first time that I’ve ever tried to do this many daily videos. I’ve never done vlogmas. I was actually inspired by Casey Neistat because he said he started daily vlogging because he wanted to challenge himself creatively every single day. I need that right now, things in my life are not going as planned and are slightly out of my control but creating videos and posting them online is something that I can control completely. I am going to try to push myself into making better video. In this first video I re-organize and paint my nail polish shelf and show off my nail polish collection.

Vlogmas 2:
This is my second day doing Vlogmas. I started the day out by doing a face mask because my complexion was not looking very good in a dark circles under my eyes. I sent the kids off to school and then have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Working from home can be really fun or really boring. I played with my puppy Lucy and Roxy, our black kitty. I also had to make dinner for everyone because Matt had to run some errands after work. He was supposed to me on the grill but since he wasn’t going to be home for a while I had to do it. I made dinner plans doing stuff on the barbecue is more his thing. Last time I made hamburgers I forgot about them and they turned into a little hockey pucks. I was worried that if I didn’t come in now I will give everyone food poisoning. Think they turned out pretty good overall it was a success.

Vlogmas 3:
Since we are on vacation for almost 2 weeks I am way behind on making how to videos for my other channel. Today my daughters and I went to a few different stores to get some craft supplies. We went to the dollar store, target, JoAnn’s and Michael’s. We went out to dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings or I had a really good chicken caesar salad and Matt had two different types of boneless buffalo wings. He got garlic Parmesan and buffalo wings. When we got home Matt popped open another bottle of champagne. He’s been on a champagne kick lately. I’m not a huge fan of champagne so I drink a Mimosa. The kids love when Matt drinks alcohol because he comes really goofy. Lol we put on some music and the kids and I were doing a little bit of a dance party, then we tried to teach Matt how to do a reverse somersault which failed miserably and then we played with our puppy Lucy.

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