10 Ways To Get More Views & Subscribers On YouTube

1. Video Content
When creating a video for YouTube, content is one of the most important things. No matter how good your titles, thumbnails or tags are, if you’ve video isn’t creative or intriguing your viewers won’t come back. Make sure you have a plan for your video, a creative strategy so you’re not rambling and the video progresses nicely. You should also have a plan as to who you want your target audience to be, this can help direct your video.

2. Titles
It’s important that you use accurate titles based off of your video. Do not use click-bait, people HATE that and it will have a negative reflection on your channel as a whole.  The title should also go along with your thumbnail.  If you video is about a new camera, make sure that is what the title and photo describe.   Watch My “I Got A New Camera! | Canon 70D Review” video


3. Thumbnails
Typically you want to grab a screenshot from your video or take a photo while making your video. Make sure your original photo is simple and doesn’t have a lot in the background because it can be very distracting. I make my thumbnails using PicMonkey.com to edit the photo and then use Adobe Photoshop to add boarders and other graphics. If you don’t have Adobe, you can just use paint, it works the same. I use FlamingText.com to add the text I want to the thumbnail.

4. Description
YouTube allows up to 5000 characters in the description field. The description helps YouTube understand what your video is about so make sure that you also include the title of your video in your description (see below). This obviously helps the viewer as well becasue you can’t explain your whole video in a title. You should include links to your social media platforms and “Subscribe Here” link.   Watch my “Everyday Makeup Routine” video

5. Tags
The more tags (keywords) you use in your videos, the easier it will be for people to find your video.  Make sure to use the tags correctly, do not use keywords that have nothing to do with your video.  Also it’s not a good idea to use popular topics as keywords, for example don’t use “Justin Bieber” as a tag if your video does not involve him.  Try to add as many tags as you can think of, the more the better!

6. Naming Your Video FileMake sure when you save your video file that it matches the title or is at least relevant to what you’re video is about.  YouTube indexes the file name as well as all the other metadata you include, which makes your video more searchable.

7. Add Subtitles/Closed Captioning
Subtitles and closed captions allow your content to be seen by a larger audience. This includes anyone who is deaf/hard of hearing or anyone who speaks a different language that what’s in your video. I did some research and found out that YouTube will use “automatic speech recognition software to assign time stamps to each word, syncing your transcript with the video” If you think about it, Google has no idea what your video is about, search engine don’t watch your videos lol. It relies on text data to index them properly. Obviously having an accurate title, description and tags helps a lot but, closed captions are also very important.

How To Add Subtitles:

      1. Creator Studio on youtube.com
      2. Click “edit” on the video you want to add subtitles to
      3. Click “Subtitles & CC”
      4. Click “add new subtitle or CC”
      5. Now edit the auto subtitles or type in new ones.

** If you’ve never set up subtitles before, it will ask you for a default language.  Check the box ” Default for new uploads” (1st photo below) you will need to hand key in the first set of subtitles.  When you upload your next video, it will automatically load subtitles but be aware this takes about 12 hours to load and they are not always accurate (2nd photo below).  I’d say they are 90% correct but if you have loud background noise or do not speak clearly, it won’t understand you and fill in what it thinks you said.  These instances will need to be edited. **

Here is Youtube’s Support link on how to add these subtitles and closed captioning:  https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en&ref_topic=3014331



8. Annotations & Cards
If you’ve ever seen a text box or the little circle in the top right corner of people’s videos saying things like “Thumbs Up!” or “Subscribe Here!”, those are called annotations & cards.  The annotation is for computers and cards are for mobile devices.  They are a great way to get more interaction on your video, this includes likes, subscribing and views on other videos.  You can use annotations & cards to link other videos, playlists or another channel to encourage your viewers to watch more of your videos.

Instructions: How to Add Annotations  /  How to Add Cards

9. Commenting
Allowing comments is a great way to create conversations about your video and generate your own mini community.  Everyone likes to have their comment replied to, makes them feel special.  Make sure you’re replying back to every comment to retain your audience.  More comments on your video also tells YouTube that your videos are being watched and they are enjoying it enough to comment.  With that said, they are able to tell the difference between spam comments and genuine ones.

10. Playlists
Playlists are a great way to increase the number of video views, just make sure they are accurately titled.  Since playlists play your videos automatically one after the other, people will typically watch more of your videos.   This will increase the number of views across your entire channel.  Another great thing is that you can embed these playlists and put them on your website or other social media platforms.   Your viewers can do the same thing!



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