What is Vlogmas?

Christmas is right around the corner, this means we’ll get snow (at least in Denver), shopping and Vlogmas! I’ve decided to participate this year and uploaded my first video today.  Check it out below!

Now, What Is Vlogmas??

Vlogmas is daily vlogging with a Christmas twist.  It literally means VLOGging till ChristMAS.  Most YouTubers post a video everyday till Christmas (12/25) or till the end of the year (12/31) but it depends on the vlogger.  The theme depends on the person as well, most of them are a true vlog, following someone around while they share there life.  Others will have themes, like a daily Christmas DIY Decoration video, Daily Christmas Recipes, etc.

Best Practices

  • First figure out what style of videos you want to make
  • Plan them out – No matter if you’re having people follow you or sitting down and talking to your audience, you need something to talk about or exciting footage to people interested.  Try to plan an outing or two , maybe even attend an event.  Just come up with some ideas in advance.
  • Schedule your editing and uploading times.  Daily vlogging can become difficult to jeep up with so make sure you are efficient with your time. Most people edit videos at the end of each day or early in the next morning.  The best times to upload are typically 12-3 pm ET.
  • Titles – Some people believe you should title each video Vlogmas Day 1; Vlogmas Day 2, etc. Others just add a title within their video but keep the actual video title simple and to what it’s actually about.


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