Cousin It DIY Trick or Treat Bag | Costume Ideas


You’ll Need:
Plastic Trick or Treat Container / Pail
Tan Yarn
Light Colored Tape
Black Top Hat
Black Sunglasses
Hot Glue Gun & Glue



  1. Begin by cutting the top of the hat off.  Do Not cut this right to the edge of the hat, or else people will be able to tell that the center was cut off.cousin-it-hat
  2. Next, cut off the plastic handle on the pumpkin container. Braid some of the tan yarn, put the ends though the existing holes and then tie a knot.  The length may depend on the height of the person using it.  I made this one about 20″cousin-it-bucket
  3. Now we need to make the hair! I held then end of the yarn in my hand and wrapped it around my elbow and then back into my hand.  We need to do this 100x but it’s easier if you do 50 at a time.  So wrap the yarn around your arm 50 times x 8.  We need a total of 400.  Stop after each 50 to attach those strand to your tape.
  4.  Take the 50 strands that you now have in a circle and cut one end, spread the yarn out and then put a piece of tape on top of it.  Then flip the tap over with the sticky side up and add the next 50 strands above the yarn you already laid down.
  5. Now take this strip of tape with your yarn and tape it around the middle of the pumpkin pail
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the back side of the pail
  7. Next you will need to add 2 layer to the top half of the pail.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 and place the tape as high up on the pail as possible.  Be aware of how shallow your top hat is.  If you place the tap too low on the pail, the tape will be visible once you add the top hat.   Get a 4-5 strips of tape that are about 4″ long.  Place a little on the outside and then run it along the inside, sticking it to the inside of the pail.  This will insure the hair doesn’t fall off and is secure.  I ran out of the yellow tape and had to use normal duct tape.
  8. Now that we have all of the hair tapped on, we need to add our top hat. Use you’re glue gun and add a line of glue all around the edge of the hat. NOTE: work as fast as you can, it’s a lot to cover and the glue dries fast.   Make sure the braided handle is shoved into the bucket before you use the hot glue gun.  You don’t want to glue your handle to your hat by accident.  hat
  9. Place the hat on top of the pail/hair and press firmly around the edges to make sure it’s attached securely.
  10. Next we need to mark where the sunglasses will sit on the pail.  Use a pen or marker and make a line on the pail where the ends of the sunglasses are.  Now cut a hole where these marks are.  ** BE CAREFUL**
  11. You’re almost done! The last thing to do is measure your cousin it next to the person that will be holding it.  If it looks like it will touch the ground, take your scissors and trip the hair until it’s at the correct length



Here’s my video!

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