DIY Spider Egg Sac

You’ll Need:

1 Pair of White Stockings
1 Foam Ball, Rock or another round object
Newspaper or Paper Towel
Plastic Spiders
Hot Glue Gun
Pushpins or Hook

1. Begin by cutting the legs off of your white stockings

2. Wrap your round object with some newspaper or paper towel .  You can also use the newspaper to make a round ball.  Using the newspaper gives it a more realistic look, instead of having a perfectly round ball you’ll have a bumpy sac (lol)  Try to shape the newspaper or paper towel into an eye drop shape

3. Now stuff this ball into the bottom of the stocking

img_0230 img_0240
4. Next, you’ll place 5-6 spiders in between the ball and the stocking. This will give the appearance that their are spiders inside the sack too

5. Begin to hot glue spiders to the bottom of the sac, you’ll want a lot of them, they can even overlap. The look you’re going for is that they are crawling on top of each other to get to the top of the sac.

6. Once you have the base filled with spiders, start spreading them out gluing a little less as you start getting higher up the sack. Add a few random ones really high up. (note: when you’re gluing the spiders up on the very top of the stocking, hold it up so it’s not touching the ground. If you glue it lying down, it might get squished or hidden in the wrinkled material)

img_0250 img_0252 img_0253

7.  Now you just need to use a tack or a hook to hang this from the ceiling



Here is the video for more help!

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