Lock-It Concealer Crème $26

Lock-It Concealer Crème does everything a traditional concealer does, and then some: it brightens the under eye area, covers blemishes, corrects discoloration, contours, and bakes. This next level formula applies smoothly and blends easily for a locked-down, smooth, even finish. This product is noncomedogenic. Lock-It Concealer Crème is completely free of animal-derived ingredients.

“This is the first product I’ve tried from Kat Von D and I love it! The product comes in really nice packaging and has a wand on instead of a pump. I really like this concept. The concealer was a good match to my skin and applied very well. It was creamy and didn’t leave any creases under my eyes. I’d definitely recommend it!”

Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush $24

This original, custom brush design features a sculpted shape that conforms to the unique curves and contours of your face. Its smaller head size nestles perfectly into the under eye area, and also concentrates coverage over blemishes and spots on the face. Symmetrical tapered bristles and an all-over and consistent, medium density delivers 360 degrees of precise, even blending.

“The concealer was the first product I’ve tried from Kat Von D and I love it! I used this brush to apply it and it was very soft and easy to use. I did not ice that you do not need a lot of product when using it. The brush doesn’t remove the makeup like a sponge does, so don’t use a lot at first, you can always add more. I’d definitely recommend it!”

IMG_5906Lock-It Setting Powder $30

Kat Von D’s innovative formula uses delicate mica powders—reducing the weight by 30 percent. This prevents the dry, chalky finish most powders leave behind, and instead delivers a perfectly smooth, seamless look, with the same number of uses. Formulated to be undetectable on all skin tones, apply with the Lock-It Setting Powder Brush. To bake or set under-eye concealer, use the Lock-It Precision Powder Brush.

“I’ve never used a setting powder before so I was really excited to get this one from Kat Von D. The product comes in really nice packaging and is easy to use. The powder came out easily and it applied very well. It felt very light on my face and did not have an odor to it. I don’t like powder foundation because of the odor so I was glad this one was scent free. I’d definitely recommend it!”

Lock-It Setting Powder Brush $38

The Lock-It Setting Powder Brush was created after testing dozens of other loose powder brushes. Its distinctive silhouette features a perfectly rounded shape and long, tapered bristles—an artist’s secret to efficient-yet-seamless, all-over setting. The fluffy density optimizes the dispersion of loose powder across the face, so you get a soft, diffused veil of powder with one effortless, even application. The sleek, stiletto handle was inspired by a witch’s broomstick, and its smooth, sturdy acrylic handles are weighted for an ergonomic grip and ultimate control.

“This brush is so soft and looks very sleek. It feels so good when you put the product on and I didn’t see a lot of product waste. Some of the brushes don’t hold powder and then you see it floating away. I’m glad I got this for free from influenster because I would never pay almost $40 for a brush. I’m not sure why the applicator is more expensive than the actual product. Seems like it should be the other way around.”

“I am proud to say that Kat Von D Beauty products are never tested on animals—and never will be.”
-Kat Von D

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