10 Instagram Hacks

instagram hacks
1. Add A Page Break In The Description
You just click the 123 button and then the return will show up on the right side
2. Save An Edited Photo Without Publishing
Begin uploading your photo, edit it and then hit next until you’re at the last screen before publishing.  Turn on airplain mode, then publish.  It will fail but still save to your phone.
3.  Re-Organize Your Filters
You can move your filters around and delete ones you don’t ever use.  Go to the filters and scroll to the right until you hit the very end.  You can touch one and move it or delete it.
4. Zoom In On A Photo
You can turn on zoom feature within your iPhone.  You go into settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > swipe zoom on.  Now use 2 fingers and double tap your screen to turn on and off the zoom.
5. Remove Photos You’ve Been Tagged In
Go to your profile page, click the tab on the far right (tagged photos), find the photo you want to hide, tap the 3 … in the top corner.  Choose Photo Options and then Hide From My Profile.
6. See Photos You Have Liked In Instagram
While in your profile page, click the gear (settings) and choose “Photos I’ve Liked”
7. Turn On Notifications For a Particular Account
Find the page/person you want to get alerts for and click the 3 … on the right hand side of their page name.  Choose to turn on “post notifications”
8. Quickly Reply To A Comment/Person
Find the comment/person you want to reply to and swipe to the left, you’ll see an arrow.  Click the arrow pointing left and their name will populate automatically.
9. Easily Switching Between Instagram Accounts
Go to your profile page, click your name and at the bottom it will say “add account’.  Click on this and log into the additional account you want to add.  Once it’s added, you go back to your profile page, click on your username at the top and you’ll be able to switch between accounts without having to log in each time.
10.  Insert Hashtags Quickly
Open up your notes app and enter in all the # that you use on a regular basis.  You can also create groups (dogs, photography, food, etc).  Now when you post a picture of food, copy and paste all the Food #’s you’ve already created.

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