Lost Socks? Hang em up!

lost socksLos I have 3 kids that lose socks all the time.  Everytime we do laundry I end up with a dozen pairs that we can’t find matches to.  This weekend I had enough and decided to make this quick set up to help me find the missing socks.
All you need are 3 items and about 5 minutes of your time.  If you want something a little more fancy, you can get some wood, add a sign “Lost Socks” and then glue or screw the clothes pins to the board.    We live in a rented townhouse so I try to avoid making any holes in the walls, so a push pin is perfect for this.
Items Needed:
  • Clothes Pins
  • Pushpins
  • String
  1. Tie a knot to each end of the string
  2. Attach the string to the wall with the push pins
  3. Clip the clothes pins to the string
  4. Attach the missing socks to the clothes pins
Watch the video:

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