Kids Chore Chart

I recently created this chore chart for my kids.  Summer has arrived, the kids are home add day now and my house looks horrible.  I told the kids, you make the mess so you can clean it up 🙂

It was becoming a task to think of chores for them to do everyday. Even if I did have some things planned out for them to do, I would get the “this isn’t fair” from one of them because they had to do the “same chore” or whatever….

I decided to make this chart so that the chores were evenly distributed and I didn’t have to think about what I should have them each day.  This is a great way to keep them accountable as well.

Chore Chart
Chore Chart


Click on image, zoom in and then right click to choose “save image”


I created this in paint, so just open the file in paint and edit the star colors and assign kids names next to each star.  I have 3 kids, hints why I have 3 different color stars.  If you only have 1 kid, 2 or maybe more than 3, you can easily change the number of stars within the paint program.  To remove them, you can change one of the stars colors to white and then it will blend into the background or you can use the “select” tool to remove them.   You can also change the star colors with the paint bucket.

You can also just easily print this as is and just write names next to the stars and color code the boxes with a marker if you don’t want to mess with editing.

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