DIY: Selling items on Ebay

How to sell an item on eBay:

(scroll down for pricing  fees)


  1. Click Sell at the top of your screen
  2. Choose to sell it yourself OR eBay can sell it for you ( sell it yourself is most common)
  3. Select what you’re selling
    • Enter your item and hit search, or
    • select one of the items listedCapture
  4. For this example, I am selling my boyfriends old ipod.  I selected MP3 Players
  5. Now you keep choosing through the filters until you reach your product.
  6. eBay will give you an estimate on how much you can get for it.
  7. Now you will choose your “auction” and “buy it now” prices.12
  8. Your next page will ask you to fill out the details of the product, including
    • Title
    • Condition
    • Photo
    • Details: Be accurate, do not exaggerate, this will cause bad reviews and returns.
    • Shipping
  9. At the very bottom you will select “list it”
  10. That’s it, you’re done.  Now wait for people to bid or purchase your item!

 Pricing & Fees

Insertion (listing) fees

  • If you don’t have an eBay store, you are entitled to 50 free listings per calendar month.  That means the listings are free of insertion fees. After that, the fee is a straightforward $.30 per listing, whether it’s a fixed-price listing or an auction.
  • Adding extra listing features adds more to the listing fee. For example, when you place a reserve on an auction, you’re charged an insertion listing upgrade fee based on the amount of the reserve price.
  • Free listings are not available in the Real Estate, Motors: Boats, Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Other Vehicles & Trailers, and Powersports, and some Business & Industrial categories.

Reserve-price auction fees

  • In a reserve-price auction, you’re able to set an undisclosed minimum price for which your item will sell, thereby giving yourself a safety net.
  • Using a reserve-price auction protects the investment you have in an item.
  • If, at the end of the auction, no bidder has met your undisclosed reserve price, you aren’t obligated to sell the item and the high bidder isn’t required to purchase the item.

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