DIY Cork Boards – Less than $13

Hey guys, today I’m showing you how I made 6 cork boards for less than $13.

First I went to Home Depot and bought a Sound Choice insulation sheathing borad for $11.78.  I used 1 board and had the guys at Home Depot cut it into 6 pieces.  We already had a can of spray adhesive, but you can buy it at Home Depot for for $5.75.  Lastly, I went to a thrift store and bough a cotton shower curtain set for $1.99 50% off, so it was just $1!.

Warning: This material although fantastic for this project, does fray a little and can be itchy. Wear gloves and avoid skin contact as much as you can 🙂


1. First start by spraying the adhesive glue to the board. ( You can also use regular glue but it might not be as smooth looking)IMG_1095

2. Then place it sticky side down on top of your material.  I find that this is much easier than trying to place the material on top of the board.


3. Flip your board over and smooth out any wrinkles.   IMG_1099

4. Trim off the access Material so you are left with 1 1/2- 2″ all the way around. IMG_1100

5. Spray or glue the adhesive the the edges of the backside of your board, then fold over the material. IMG_1101

6. This is optional: I choose to use the left over material to cover the entire back since this material does fray a little. IMG_1103

And…YOU’RE DONE!  You can leave it plain or add some ribbon for more  flare



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