File Cabinet Makeover

Do you have a hideous file cabinet that needs a major makeover??

Well I do! My boyfriend got this for me for free at a job and even though I was really grateful, I thought it was so ugly.  I decided to give it a much needed makeover.

I started with a blank canvas:  IMG_1058

Then I got some peel and stick wall art.  This was $10 at Home Depot, it’s 6.5 inches by 16 feet.   Very easy to use, just cut to size, peel the back off and stick it on the surface.  If you mess up, it peels away so easy for you to re-apply.  IMG_1070

After I cut it to size, I had to cut around the handles:IMG_1061

Now it’s time to apply it, I started with one end and slowly attached it to the cabinet as I peeled the backing away:IMG_1065

Repeated this process 4 more times until…..Vuala!!!……finished product!!
file cabinet DIY

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