How to: Get Soft Feet


-Apply any shortening or hydrogenated vegetable oil after washing the feet clean on dry and cracked areas of the feet. After applying a thick coat of shortening on the feet, wear a pair of thick socks. Leaving this application overnight can surely provide positive results in few days.

-Soak the feet in lemon juice for about 10minutes. Follow this therapy on a weekly basis until one finds a change.

-At the end of the day soak the feet in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes. Make a healing mixture comprising of: one teaspoon Vaseline and the juice of one lemon

-A regular application of a mixture of glycerin and rosewater is known to soothe and cure cracked heels.

-Mix oatmeal and water. Or, for extra exfoliation mix oatmeal with milk. Sugar will add to the exfoliation. Let oatmeal soften for about five minutes, then apply to feet. Scrub feet thoroughly with the oatmeal mixture. Take your time, at least five minutes, to massage the oatmeal mixture into your feet. When done, wipe mixture off with paper towels and discard.

-Soak your dry callused feet once a week in a large dishpan or similar container filled with warm water, a drop of dish washing liquid, and approximately one cup of white vinegar. Soak them for about a half hour.

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