Mani Monday – China Glaze

Hey Guys! Today I’ve decided to do a 2 tone this week. Both colors are from China Glaze.  The pink is “Petal to the Metal” and the purple is “In a Lily Bit”.  I have also added 2 nail decals, a butterfly and a flower formation on my thumb.  The colors are really pretty but I am not a fan of the texture or formula.  It’s very watery and the brush is pretty small so it’s not the best polish to apply.  I had to put on about 3 coats to get a solid color so I probably won’t use these very often or buy anymore China Glaze again.

Pink polish with decals purple polish with decalsunnamed

2 thoughts on “Mani Monday – China Glaze

  1. Not all china glaze colours are that translucent so you should try it again. 2 of my all time favourite colours are china glaze. Was that from their texture line? Those are rough to touch where most of them are smooth

    Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:01:23 +0000 To:

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