Hike – Manitou Incline (Difficult)

Manitou Incline

In 1907 the Manitou Incline was a 1 mile cable tram built to support the construction of a hydroelectric plant and it’s waterline.  It was then purchased by Dr. Brumbach and turned into a tourist attraction.  He offered a 16 minute ride to 10 miles of hiking trails in Mount Manitou Park, and claimed to be the “longest and highest incline on the globe.” at the time.

This is now a main attraction for fitness enthusiast and adventure seekers.  The trail is made up of 3 feet railway tracks washed out during a rock slide in 1990. The Incline is as steep as 68% in places,  and gains over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than one mile.

This and more at www.manitouincline.net

Half way and I’m crawling.  lol

10599684_10152274035463199_8578249365682242938_nWhen we were about 1/3 of the way, I started to think “what the hell have I gotten myself into”.

About 1/2 way I was thinking, there is no turning back, I have to go up or down but it’s the same distance.

3/4 of the way, I hurt so much, I can’t breath, my legs are throbbing, I’m shaking but I’m almost there.  I tell myself, “you can do it.  DON’T QUIT!”

10 steps from the top, I took one last break, took a deep breath and pushed to the top.  I wanted to lie down on the ground, I wanted to pour the rest of the water on my head but most of all I wanted to hug my boyfriend and tell him, “WE DID IT”.

This was an adventure, it was something to always remember and most of all something to be proud of.  If you’re in Denver, I encourage you to do this.  It’s hard but worth the pain.

Trail Information:

  • Hike Length: .88 miles  up the steps & 3.5 miles down the back of the mountain
  • Dogs Allowed: No
  • Good For Kids: Possibly, I did see a 7, 10 and 13 year old doing this.  Not suitable for all kids.
  • Best Time To Go: Any Season
  • Water Access: No
  • Cost: Free

Map & Driving Directions:


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