Movie Review: A Most Wanted Man (2014)

When a half-Chechen, half-Russian, brutally tortured immigrant turns up in Hamburg’s Islamic community, laying claim to his father’s ill-gotten fortune, both German and US security agencies take a close interest: as the clock ticks down and the stakes rise, the race is on to establish this most wanted man’s true identity.  Released: Jul 25, 2014

Stars: Grigoriy Dobrygin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Homayoun Ershadi, Willem Dafoe & Rachel McAdams

My Review:

This movie wins my award for best misrepresented movie in a trailer.  I kept seeing this movie trailer during commercials and thought it looked really good.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  I decided to surprise my boyfriend with tickets last Saturday and man what a bust!  The acting was amazing…truly but oy vey the plot was soooo boring…snooze fest.  My boyfriend fell asleep like 3 times during the movie and at one point I thought about joining him.  I had no idea what was going on for a majority of the movie and it didn’t make sense until the very end but even then I thought…What a dumb movie.  I wanted to see Philip Seymour Hoffman in his final role and his acting didn’t disappoint.  So I guess watch it on TV but I wouldn’t recommend you waste money going to the theater.

My Rating: 
2 Stars



Rotten Tomatoes:  71% Liked it


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