What if your dog drank toilet bowl cleaner?

Last night I’m working on my computer and all of a sudden smell something minty. I’m looking around to see if someone is eating something…NOTHING! so I ask my boyfriend, did you eat a mint or something and he says no but he smells it too.

Then he says I just put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. I knew my bathroom was upstairs and all the way to the end of the hall so I shouldn’t be able to smell it in the Living room. My boyfriend bent down to smell Zoe’s (my dog) breath and sure enough it smelled minty, just like the cleaner.

I’m freaking out at this point cause I don’t know how much she drank and so I took her outside when Matt called the Poison Control and I was forcing her to drink water hoping to make her puke but no such luck. I gave her all kind of breaded food to try to absorb it but after a 20 minute call with Poison Control they said she would most likely be fine. Apparently the kind we use sinks to the bottom of the toilet, it doesn’t mix with the water very well. So that was a big relief cause if something ever happened to that dog my kids would freak out. I woke up this morning and she’s alive and kicking so I guess she didn’t drink that much or what I did last night helped to absorb it. Have you guys ever had a pet get into something that could kill them?

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