How to: Verify a WordPress blog on Pinterest

Start by going to Pinterest and clicking Settings.  Find the link to verify your website.

1. Download the verification file from Pinterest

2. Save the file from Pinterest.

3. Open up Notepad and click File > Open> Find the file you saved and click Open again.

4. In your WordPress dashboard click on Pages > Add New.  Then type the name of the Pinterest verification file into the title field area

5. Go back to Notepad and look for this line in the code toward the top of the page (might have to scroll over). Copy the code that is in quotation marks shown in the screenshot below:

6. Go back to your page and paste the code you copied into your page.  Make sure the TEXT tab is selected. Publish the page.

7. Go back to Pinterest and click the Verify Domain link

8. Once it’s is successfully verified you can go back to WordPress and delete the page.

12 thoughts on “How to: Verify a WordPress blog on Pinterest

  1. Holy crap! I could have never figured that out without your help! Even still it took a couple attempts to read and find the right “content” to copy and paste:/ Thanks for your help!


  2. I tried this, but for some reason it just will not work! Tells me that the code that was provided wasn’t found on the page (so I guess it can find the page, just not the code!) Do you have any idea how to fix that?


      1. Yep, that’s what I did :/ Subject/Name of page is pinterest-c4b04.html and then the code that is in the HTML when I open it in notepad, just like your instructions – I think it just hates me. 😦 Oh well! Thanks anwyay.


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