It’s Never to Late

” It’s never too late”

Written on 8/10/2013 – Saved as a draft and never published

I’m sure you’ve all hear this saying before but I wonder if it’s true.
I just turned 30 years old this year and it made look back and realize how fast the last 30 years went by. The next 32 will probably go by just as fast and then I’ll be 60!!!

I haven’t gone to college, I’m not doing what I love, I haven’t experienced the world, I don’t have time for my true passion, photography, I feel stuck. Everyday I try to be positive and not look backwards but sometimes it’s hard because I think If I had made one choice differently my entire life would have been changed dramatically. 15 years ago I made a decision that led me down the road I’m on now. It’s like coming to a Y in the road and I went down to the right instead of the left. When asked out on a date, if I had said no instead of yes…I would not have dated and then married my ex-husband. In turn I would not have gotten pregnant at such a young age. Maybe then I would have gone to college right after high school and be doing what I love today.

On the other side then I wouldn’t have these three beautiful kids, which as stressful as it is I believe they have made me the strong person I am today. I also wouldn’t have met Matt, and he is everything I’ve been looking for in a man.
So the question remains is it really….never too late? I try to wake up each morning and think today is a new day, a day to start over and changing the path I’m on. My life is going to be different because I refuse to be unhappy and feeling like I wasted this amazing life I was given. I will repeat the saying “It’s never too late” to myself every time I start having doubts about my future or my goals.

Follow Up: 2/10/2014

I got a new job about 3 months after I wrote this.  A friend of mine (I am Rachel) referred me to an amazing company.  With no college experience and not the best job history, this company may not have given me a second look but with her referral, I got an interview.   I knew that if I had the chance to interview with them I could win them over and I did!  It’s been over a year and I still love it!  Each and every single day I feel so fortunate for the opportunity Rachel gave me.  I always knew I was a hard worker and I could do amazing things but I just needed a foot in the door to prove it, she gave me that.  THANK YOU RACHEL!!

I’ve also made a stronger effort to do whatever I can to make time for my photography, blogging and vlogging.   My kids started their first year of after school sports and my son did so well he was put on an All Star Team at the end of the season!.  My boyfriend and I are in the process of remodeling our house and I got a NEW CAR!  After I was offered my new job, I was able to afford a new car.  Extremely exciting and successful year.  I believe my positive outlook has helped me succeed and I can’t wait for the future!!

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