How to: Make a mini Pallet Coaster

Pallet Coasters: (video at the bottom)

1 – Bag of Popsicle sticks
1 – Glue gun & Glue Sticks OR: Super Glue
1 – Scissors
1 – Can of wood stain
1 – Wood stain brush13243

Start by cutting the tips off of the craft sticks so the ends are square.rdghNext, stain the craft sticks with a wood stain.  You can let dry overnight or just put everything together and then let dry. sdgdsgdfgStart by gluing three sticks upright on top of two flat sticks (forgot to take the picture after the 3rd stick, in the middle). You can use a glue gun or Super Glue. sfsfsfssfStart Placing the sticks on top of the base without glue first.  Once you know how many and the spacing you can then begin to glue them down. dgdgdfg

This is the finished Product.  Very easy and simple to complete!



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