Day 8: Hike to Alum Cave

Today is our last full day and we decided to do a hike. Matt found a place called Clingmans Dome. We drove for about 30 minutes, we stopping a couple times along the way to take pictures. We noticed as we got higher and higher that it became a lot more cloudy. It looked like thick fog but it was clouds and at one point we could only see about 15 feet in front of us. When we made it to the top there was only a couple people there and you couldn’t see anything. It was just a white wall of clouds. The whole point of going to Clingmans Cove was too see the view looking down but since we couldn’t see anything we didn’t think it was worth the hike.
We started to drive back down and found another spot that looked pretty good. It was called Alum Cave and there were a bunch of people there. It seamed like it would be fun and easy for the kids as well. We got all of our stuff together and sprayed on the bug spray and headed onto the trail. Even though there was a lot of people parked there we only saw people a couple times. It was a pretty steady incline and the path was clear, just rocks and tree roots covered the path.

We came to a few open spots where we took a rest and the kids played in the water, looking for salamanders. While walking I saw a few photo opportunities, trees that made tunnels, paths that curved like an S and the steam was very pretty as well. Matt came across a tree with a large bur in a tree and it was about 7 feet off the ground. He had each of the kids jump up onto it and lean against the tree for a picture. When we walked back from our hike Matt and I eventually took a picture on this bur as well.
We kept walking and walking, felt like forever and I was starting to get tired. The kids were walking a lot slower too. We finally came up to the cave and there was a cool bridge that took you across the water to the cave. Once you were in the cave there was a rocky set of stairs that went up and out of the cave. It was so pretty. We took a bunch of pictures and then kept going. The next stopping point was a lot further so we decided to just turn back and head back to the car.

We got back to the cabin and all decided to go for a swim since we were all hot and sweaty now. After the dip in the pool I was feeling really really tired. I lied on the bed for a minute and the next thing I knew it was an hour later when I woke up. It was the best nap ever. We all got ready and went out to dinner to the Hungry Bear again. We wanted to have the best BBQ one more time before we left. When we got back to the cabin we all packed everything up so we were ready to just leave first thing in the morning.

Till tomorrow…..

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