Day 7: Miniature Golfing

Today we planned on going to do some miniature golfing but Matt and I weren’t up for it right away so we decided to watch the other Red Box movie we got “Mud” starring Matthew Mcconaughey. I had never heard of it and I didn’t remember seeing it in the theater but we figured we would watch it anyways. It was pretty good but not at all what I was expecting, it mostly revolved around the two kids that also starred in it. imageimage

After the movie we all decided to go for a quick swim and then went to Ripley’s Davy Crockett miniature Golf course. I haven’t played mini golf in a while so I wasn’t sure how I’d do. We paid for a 36 hole course, they were split between two 18 hole courses. We decided to only do one course now and then come back later for the other one. The first one we went on was a really fun, lots of bears decorated and they had a lot of sound effects when you got the ball in tunnels or in the hole. I won by 1 point and Matt and the kids all did pretty good too.

We decided to go back to the cabin and have dinner so we could save a little money and then we went back to play the second course of mini golf. The second course was even more fun than the first but it was dark now and it was really hard to see. I got 4 holes in 1 and everyone was mad at me because they weren’t doing as good. I kicked everyone’s butt, no one even came close to my score. Overall it was a nice relaxing day. Tomorrow is our last day and I’m pretty bummed out about it but I am excited to sleep in my own bed and see my cat and dogs.

Till tomorrow.

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