Day 6: Wonderworks

Today was supposed to be middle of the week, relaxing, do nothing day. Did it end up like that? No! With 3 kids, the got bored real fast.  Matt got up at 6am and took Dylan and Gracie fishing and Hannah wanted to stay with me. We put in the movie Brave and then I realized I didn’t write my blog for yesterday so I told Hannah to start watching it and I’d be right down. When i finished and walked in I could hear what sounded like credits. Hannah says to me ” mommy, you missed the whole thing”. Oops! apparently I was blogging for an hour and half. She then says ” its ok we can watch it again” so we started it over and watched it together.

When Matt got back It was only 11 so we decided to just stay in and maybe go to the pool later, just relax but them…..the questions started. When can we go swimming? can you play with me? when are we going to Wondersorks? can we go miniature golfing? Is it time to go swimming yet? my relaxing day was not so relaxing. Matt and i decided to just take them to Wonderworks since it started raining and it would be a good day to be inside. Before we left Matt went to sit outside and was startled when he saw 3 raccoons. A mommy and her 2 babies. The kids wanted to feed them so I figured why not, we’re on vacation and its not my house. Then got ready and headed to Wonderworks.


This place was way better than any science museum or kids play center. There was so much stuff to do and a lot of really cool stuff,not just little random things. As soon as we walked in there was a spinning tunnel. It was pitch black and all you could see was purple, blue and pink lights. The walkway was straight but the tunnel was spinning around us pretty fast. Just one look and I was nauseous. I put my hand on the railing and kept my eyes closed the whole time until I got to the end. I looked behind me and I see Matt walk out, all he says is “I didn’t like that!” As he is stumbling to walk. The kids come running out “cool”. I feel old.


One of the first things the kids did was climb a large rock wall. They’ve only ever climbed up a 10 foot wall, no harness. This was about 25-30 feet high and they were strapped into a harness and had a helmet on. Hannah was the fastest. The next was a rope course. I couldn’t go because I was the only idiot that didn’t wear running shoes. Matt went with Hannah and Dylan and Gracie went alone. The course was up in the air and you were tied to a rope that was linked to a roller that could move throughout the entire course. I think the highest point was about 50 feet. I was surprised that the kids weren’t more scared, they did great!
After that we say a bubble lab, sound booth that played really scary sounds while you sat in the dark, an earthquake cafe, hurricane simulator and a lot more. At the very end they had a display all about the titanic. The sign said “how cold is it” they had a bucket of water that was set to the same tempature as the water the night the titanic sank. It was 28 Fahrenheit and you had to hold your hand in the water as long as you could. There was a timer that you could start and stop, so of course we all wanted to try it. I know it sounds stupid but I actually started to feel really sad for all those people because I had no idea how cold it was for them. I only lasted 13 seconds and that was just my hand. They were fully submerged in this cold water. It felt like someone was stabbing me with 1000 needles, it hurt so bad. Matt lasted 22 seconds and the kids lasted about 6 seconds. We headed back to the car after that cold experience.

By the time we left Wonderworks it was time to eat. Matt had seen a little place called Hungry Bear BBQ. It looked very small and local and that’s what we wanted. We didn’t want a food chain restaurant. As soon as you pulled into the parking lot you could smell the food. It was a house that they converted. Now when I say converted, they really didn’t do anything to the place other than paint all the walls one color and put tables and chairs in each room. The house still looked like a house on the inside. The bathroom had a shower in it, the kitchen looked like a normal kitchen. It was odd. The food was dirt cheap and oh my god, to my surprise it was hands down the best BBQ I ever had. We can’t wait to go back for more before we leave.
The last stop was at Food City to get some snacks and a movie we got Oz The Great and Powerful and Mud. Oz was uhhh ok. Haven’t watched Mud yet, we all started to fall asleep. Tomorrow is mini golf!

Till tomorrow….

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