Day 5: Knoxville Zoo

Today was Zoo day, we seem to have an animal theme going on so far.  Matt and I go to the local zoo every time we go on vacation. I love it and hate it at the same time. I always feel bad for the animals being kept in cages but most of the time I find out that they were hurt or something so they would die in the wild and the zoos can be a good thing. As soon as we walked in you saw a black bear, there was a long tunnel that went right into their space. The tunnel had little holes that you could crawl into to see them up close. I went into the first one and it was really dark some had to put my hands on the glass to cover the sides of my eyes so I could see. I immediately jumped back and gave a little scream because I didn’t realize the bear was in there the whole time, I just couldn’t see him because he was black and the space was dark. When I leaned into the glass and my eyes focused I was face to face with the bear!
We kept walking and saw all the typical zoo animals, lions, rhino, monkeys, gorilla, snakes, giraffe, elephants and zebras. We didn’t realize how big this zoo was, I bet we walked for T least 3 miles today. We came up to a section that had reptiles and next to that was a turtle and beaver exhibit. When we walked over to the turtle cage, one of them was on his side and struggling to get up. He was stuck! It was kind of funny but I felt bad for him. He couldn’t move, he was just spinning himself. We found someone to tell the and he said that the female will walk up next to the male and keep pushing him till he flips over. This made it 10x more funny. Even female turtles get annoyed with males.

We the. Saw the cutest and funniest beaver. He was digging at the glass like he was expecting to get out. He was pushing his face against the glass and you could see his huge teeth. He kept opening his mouth like he was yawning. It was making us all laugh.

The rest of the day we just walked from one an,al to the next, the kids got to go into a petting zoo and also walk into a gage with about 150 budgies. We got a feeding stick and we all got to have them hop onto the stick we were holding and feed them. I know it’s just a budgie but the kids loved it. We’re real sweating to death from the heat and the walking so we headed back to the cabin to go swimming. We got pizza for dinner and then watched 2 hours of America’s home videos. Today was a fun family day!

Till tomorrow….

One thought on “Day 5: Knoxville Zoo

  1. Sounds wonderful, I have enjoyed your vacation news and updates. Send lots of love and hugs to my three amigo/amigas and you and Matt!


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