Day 3: Ripley’s Aquarium / Black Bear

Waking up today on our first full day was so nice and relaxing. The bed is really comfy and the cabin is so quiet all you could hear was the rain hitting the leaves on the trees. It is such a soothing sound. In the city you have to buy a machine if you want the soothing sounds of a rainforest, here it’s free every morning. Last night we planned out our 5 days here and today is Aquarium day. The kids are so excited and to be frank I am too! I have never been to an aquarium that had a tunnel under the water.image

As we arrived we realized there was no parking anywhere and we’d have to walk a ways. As we entered the aquarium you’re eyes begin to jump around, there was so much stuff to look at right at the entrance. There was a few large circular fish tanks, a petting tank, dinosaurs hanging from the ceiling and about 200 people scurrying around like ants. The aquarium went around in a circle so it made it a little easier to see everything they had.


The thing I loved the most about this place was it’s vibe. All the lights were dark and then they had the backgrounds of all the tanks a bright blue. Each tank had a light that was shinning down on all the fish. The combination of the three made everything that much more intriguing. The most exciting part was shark tank and the tunnel. imageAs you walked into the tunnel you had the choice of walking on your own or stepping on a conveyer belt. It was so cool to see all of the sharks that close to you and to see the underside of them. In typical tanks you just see the top and side but because some of them were swimming above us we got to see their underbelly.

We finished the day off by seeing some cute penguins and then headed back to the car. The rest of the day was more just killing time. We got lunch and then Matt wanted to do a longer drive back through some windy roads, he was hoping to see a black bear. I told him that the chances of us actually seeing a black bear was very slim. A few minutes later we came to a hault because three cars were stopped in the road. My immediate reaction was that the road was out but the. I saw everyone looking up. I was thinking what the hell are they looking at. We got out and walked over and there it was, about 50-75 feet up at the very top of a tree. A black Bear! I couldn’t believe it, we actually saw one. I wasn’t able to take a picture because he was so high up and the leaves were so thick that I couldn’t get a good picture. We stayed there for about 20 minutes but then more and more people started to stop so we all got back in the car and said goodbye to the bear.

We headed back to the cabin where were became couch potatoes. We did get in a quick game of pool but it was the most difficult game ever since there us no space for your pool cue. We kept hitting walls and beams. We turned it into hand pool. The kids loved that! Tomorrow we will get some shopping done since it’s not supposed to be very sunny.
Till tomorrow…..

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