Day 2: West Virginia to Tennessee

We got to a late start today but we also had free breakfast so it was ok. Now just cause something is free doesn’t mean it will be good.  This was one of the worst free continental breakfasts I’ve ever had. We go there right when they said it would be available but the eggs tasted as if they had been sitting for hours.  They had a crunchy outside and a soft inside.  Yuck, they has bacon that was 90% fat and grease and then dried out biscuits.  My saving grace was some activia yogurt.  We got on the road right after that and headed for our final destination, Tennessee.  This was another very boring drive with just a few stops.

We got to our cabin around 6pm and I was actually pretty surprised  how nice it was. We are in cabin Bear? and oh my god there is bears everywhere in our cabin.  The lights are chunks of wood with bears on it, they are on towel holders, cabinet door handles, light switches, soap dispensers, blankets, pillow cases, oh and not to mention the 50+ pictures and bear decorations throughout the cabin.  It’s a lot but in a fun way!   As we were walking through, checking everything out we walk up stairs to find a pool table and a hot tub! Now the only downside to this place is that its almost impossible to walk quietly because the entire cabin is all wood, everything creaks as you walk.  Oh and the coffee pot is broken.  The kids love it and they can’t wait to go to bed so they can start off a fresh day. Looks like it might be a really good first family vacation.

One thought on “Day 2: West Virginia to Tennessee

  1. Have fun. I would go crazy without coffee. Maybe you can find a store that sells instant. Not the best but better than nothing. *Note to self. Take Keurig with you on vacation.*


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