Hallway from Hell

Everyone has had that long awkward moment that they wished would hurry up and pass. For me this happens on a daily basis. I call it “Hallway from Hell”. This is one of the longest, quietest hallways I’ve ever had to walk through. At my work this is the main way to reach the bathroom and/or Cafeteria. It is often used by a lot of employees but usually only 1 or 2 at a time. It is also very quiet, like library quiet! At least once a day I will have to walk down this hallway. I will start at one end and then see someone turn a corner on the other end….now begins the longest, most awkward walk EVER! UGH. Do I look up? Do I look down? Maybe I should pretend to play on my phone? If I do look up, do I smile? Say hi? Ahhhh I hate it. There is always a moment for me when I feel like I HAVE to look up or it just feels too awkward and then 90% of the time I will make eye contact and have to give a quick smile. I can tell the other person is just as uncomfortable because they are playing the same game as me. I look up, they look down…then they look up and I look down. God can’t this hallway be a little shorter? have windows, be louder, something to take away the quiet, uncomfortable silence and awkward tension that just surrounds that hallway.


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