10 Ways To Slow & Prevent Aging

agingWhen we’re kids we didn’t care about things like the damage the sun would do to our skin, how bad it was to eat  junk food or even thinking about taking vitamins.   All we cared about is looking good in the moment.   On a hot summer day all we thought about was getting  a nice golden brown tan and not worrying about skin cancer or wrinkles.   Sun damage is the most talked about  no no in skin care.   Most people don’t realize that the way you handle your skin is also a big factor on how your skin will look as you age.  Pulling at your eyes when you put makeup on or being really rough with your skin when you’re washing your face can do as much damage as the sun.

I know most teens just want to look good now but you have to think….what happens in 20, 30 or 40 years when your youth is gone?  Well I’ll tell you what in 20 years your main focus will be how to keep the wrinkles away.  If you start early, it won’t be an issue.   Here are my tips on how to keep that youthful look even when you are 40 or 50 years old.

1.  Use face cream – Men and Women!

  • This has to be my #1 way to keep yourself looking young.  There are ways to apply face cream as well, you can’t  just rub it on.  When you apply you must be gentle, especially around the eyes.  If you are aggressive when you apply, all you’re doing is assisting gravity and you’ll pull the skin down. (You’ll end up with the St. Bernard look when you’re older) Also you always want to rub it on in an upward motion, never down because again, you’ll be helping gravity.   The second most important part about applying face cream is to apply it to your neck, down to your collar bone.  Have you ever seen an older woman with a beautiful face, nice tight skin and then a saggy gross neck….this is why!  I recommend you apply this cream twice a day.

2.  Drink lots of water – it’s a natural detox for your body.  (I recommend a full glass first thing every morning, this helps your metabolism)
3.  Wear sunscreen –  UV radiation from the sun damages your skin and promotes aging.
4.  Take vitamins – at minimum take a multi-vitamin.
5.  Eat the right foods – If you eat healthy at an early age it will just become part of your routine and you won’t struggle as an adult.
6.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
7.  DO NOT SMOKE! and limit the amount of alcohol you consume.

  • Smoking and drinking will do all kinds of damage to your organs and to your body.   In addition those wrinkly little lines all around your lips from smoking are NOT attractive.

8. Wear sunglasses ALL the time – Squinting over long periods of time will just speed up how quickly you’ll get crows feet.
9.  Get lot so sleep every night.

  • This will give your body the opportunity to repair and rejuvenate itself.  A lot of studies show that most adults that sleep less than 7 hours are overweight and lack the energy needed to function throughout the day. The Harvard-run Nurses’ Health Study that has linked insufficient or irregular sleep to increased risk for colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

10.  Relax – give your self time to breath and forget the stress of life.  Stress is a killer and ages people really fast.

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