You’re mad at me? Well now I’m mad at you!

faceHave you ever noticed that most people don’t like it when someone they like or love is mad at them.  Most people feel bad for whatever made the other person pissed off or they have an instinct to try to fix it.
I don’t know if its just me but sometimes when my boyfriend is mad at me over something stupid I’ll get mad at him for being mad at me for something stupid. Did that make sense? A little reverse psychology!

Over the years I’ve realized this works with family, friends and co-workers. It usually works on anyone who cares about you because if they don’t care about you they wont give a shit if you’re mad at them. Now I don’t do this intentionally but I think subconsciously I know I’m doing it. The other day I was at a friends house for get together and one of my friends was mad at me because of something I said. Again over something stupid so I just ignored them for a while, didn’t talk to them or acknowledge them at all. After a couple hour of silence they made the first contact and asked me a question, I just said yes and walked away. Ten minutes later they appeared and started chatting with the group I was standing with. I could tell they were trying to make amends and it made me laugh. Weren’t you the one who was just pissed at me? Haha! Mind trick! They realized that I was now mad at them and they didn’t like it or felt an instinct to fix it. This whole thing is so childish, I know! But it works.  A little bit of reverse psychology.

Next time this happens, do a little experiment and try it. Keep in mind this doesn’t work if you are verbally yelling at the other person, you don’t want to piss them off more. Silence or being short usually sets off some signals.

This is such an evil, manipulative post but I find it interesting how people react when you put them in situations like this.

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