Meet Boss!! We Saved Him From Being Euthanized

This is boss, he was a pup that we just happened to run into and couldn’t walk away from…….

My boyfriend and I went to the local shelter to pick up our kittens that we had just adopted. While we were waiting, a guy came in with this 10 month old puppy. He seemed like he couldn’t really control him, he was pulling and growling but seemed very scared. The man told the lady at the counter that he just couldn’t handle him anymore and he wanted to drop him off at the shelter. The lady behind the counter explained to the man that the shelter was completely full and they didn’t have any cages left for dogs so he would have to come back in a day or two. The man said he couldn’t take this dog back home with him because he was chewing up his house and peeing on the floor and he said was going to leave him no matter what. She then told him that if he left the dog there they would have not other choice but to euthanize him right away.

I looked at my boyfriend with this horrified look on my face, he was in shock too. I couldn’t believe they would just euthanized a puppy because they couldn’t find room for him. The man argued with her for a few minutes later and then said “fine, I’m not taking him home so do what you want with him then”. I started to tear up thinking about the poor dog that was about to be killed because the two of them couldn’t come to a compromise. My boyfriend said ” do you want to drive him up to Lollypop farm?” I thought well it would take an hour out of our day to save a dogs life but I was worried because he didn’t seem that friendly. We told the man that we could take him to the other shelter but we would have no choice but to put him in the back of the truck because we weren’t’ taking any chances with him biting us or attacking our new kittens. The lady at the desk said that we couldn’t do that because it was illegal and my boyfriend started getting mad and told her that we would take our chances because it’s better than just leaving him there to die! We were able to get him in the truck but we had to tie him to the inside of the bed so he wouldn’t jump out right away, he started to growl and bark right away and I started to think what did we get ourselves into.

We got about half way there when he started getting really agitated and he started moving around a lot in the back of the truck, I was scared he would try to jump out. We pulled over to check on him and as soon as the truck stopped he jumped over the back of the truck and I thought oh my god he is going to hang himself with the leash. I ran to the back and he had stopped himself on the step bar, but now he was half in and half out. When I tried to approach him to get him back in he started growling. I had to kind of lasso him around the neck and pull him back in. We tied him side to side and front to back this time so he could absolutely not move more than a foot. We got to the shelter finally and when we opened the tailgate all of a sudden he didn’t want to come out anymore. We had to cut all of the straps and put a rope around his neck to pull him down. Once he was on the ground and he was away from his old owners he became much nicer. He was even to the point where he was sitting on my foot and leaning up against me like I was his protector. I brought him back to the cages and closed the door. I got a sense of relief and I felt really good knowing that I saved him. I think he is going to be a good dog once someone shows him love and affection. Two weeks after we dropped him off at the shelter Boss was adopted!!

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