From Wired to Tired: Caffeine Withdrawals


I let myself become dependent on caffeine and paid the price…..

I look at my friends, aquatints and co-workers and see them all drinking a lot of pop, coffee, Noz and Full Throttles.  First thing in the morning everyone is so jacked up on caffeine that they are all wide awake, revved up and ready to start the day.  After an hour or so they make their way to the break room to fill up their coffee cup.  This continues every couple hours throughout the day.  I’m sure that all these caffeinated drinks are giving you more energy to help you get through the day, but what happens at the end of the day when it’s all out of your body? You start to crash, start getting really tired and feel exhausted.  Most will just tell themselves that it’s because it was a long day.  Nope. Wrong. You’re going through caffeine withdraws.  On average someone who drinks “a lot” of coffee will intake between 500-2000 mg per day.   Studies have shown that once you reach 600 mg of caffeine you may start having symptoms such as Insomnia, Nervousness, Restlessness, Irritability, Upset Stomach , Fast heartbeat,  Muscle tremors, and Headaches.

To give you an example, one 8oz cup of coffee has about 125-150 mg of caffeine in it and NOZ has about 250 mg per can.

A couple years ago I started drinking coffee on a regular basis.  After about 3 weeks straight of having coffee everyday I forgot to stop at Tim Hortons on my way to work.  I felt so tired to the point where I almost couldn’t function. To top it off I had the worst headache I think I’ve ever had, it literally lasted all day.  I didn’t stop for coffee the next two days either and I had the same issue each day.  I decided to looked up my symptoms online and realized I was having caffeine withdrawals. I was shocked that I had let my body become dependent on something.  I decided to cut caffeine out cold turkey. I had to take Tylenol for the next week or so just to deal with the headaches I had each day, but finally after a week the headaches were gone. Two days after that I started taking a multivitamin everyday and after about two weeks I noticed a huge change in my energy level.  I’ve been doing this everyday for the last couple years and I feel like I have 100 times more energy now then I did when I was drinking all that coffee.

I wanted to share this so that other people can try what I did and get natural energy instead of all this crap we drink and put into our bodies…..

The Challenge:

  • For two weeks don’t drink anything with caffeine in it

(soda, coffee, Noz, Full Throttle, Red Bull)

  • Take a multivitamin everyday with breakfast

(don’t take this on an empty stomach cause it will make your stomach feel upset)

  • Try to drink 6-8 cups of water a day and also try to limit eating “junk food” to only once or twice a week.

I guarantee that if you stick with this for the full two weeks you will feel so much better about yourself and your body. Healthy=Energy…….Energy=Happiness

2 thoughts on “From Wired to Tired: Caffeine Withdrawals

  1. You are so right, Kristin. Caffeine is very addictive. And the headaches you experienced on the days you quit the coffee are typical. I was hospitalized once about 3 years ago as an emergency. One of the requirements preparing for my surgery the next day was no coffee. The next day the surgery was postponed til the following day which meant a second day without coffee for me. My headache was the worst. Nothing would take it away. The nurse related to me on that day, “Nothing takes away a headache from caffeine withdraw. We could give you morphine and it wouldn’t help.” Talking to the doctor I found out they believe that is true. Good post. —Mark—

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