Feet! is it an Obsession??

This is an odd blog for me to write but I keep wondering if people have the same reaction that I do!

I have a thing about hands and feet, more feet though!  I don’t know if I’d call it an obsession but my boyfriend does.  It’s not that I LOVE feet and I love to look at them or touch them, nothing creepy like that. It’s actually kind of hard to explain but the best way I can say it is that I am always looking at people’s feet.  I really wish I didn’t because I get grossed out all the time but for some reason I can’t help it.  It’s gotten to the point that I can look at someone’s feet and tell you if they are young, old, attractive or not, overweight..things like that.

I really think it’s just more of a curiosity because feet are so odd looking, and just like faces, none look the same.  90% of the ones I see are gross….UGH, just thinking about it makes me cringe. LOL   Summer is the worst because it’s flip flop season and then I feel like I’m forced to see feet all day long.  It’s become a running joke with my boyfriend because he catches me all the time looking down and he’ll ask, “how are those feet?, do those measure up to your standards?” he thinks its sooooo funny, but it’s not! I don’t know why I do it and I really wish I didn’t but I can’t help it for some reason.  I’m not as bad with hands but I do know this…I could NEVER date someone that didn’t have nice feet or hands.

So tell me, does anyone else have this kind of reaction? This odd, bizarre reaction to feet?


2 thoughts on “Feet! is it an Obsession??

  1. Lol, it’s quite natural and healthy. We tend to neglect our feet and feel ashamed of them, but they are so vital. Those who suffer from neuropathy from chemo benefit so much from foot massages. They not only alleviate the pain but heal (pardon the pun) the nerves. It’s a routine in my life, something I do for the one I love.

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