Day 9: Chase Field (Diamondbacks)

Today is our last full day. We didn’t really plan on doing anything except hang out by the pool and later go to Chase Field for a baseball game.  We decided to go swimming first thing in the morning since it was already hot out at 9am.  We messed around in there for a while and then came back to the room for lunch.  We both kind of sat down and thought, what can we make for lunch?.  We both didn’t feel like making anything so we thought we would go out one last time.  Each day when we would drive to and from the city, we would pass a place called “The Horny Toad” and I really wanted to check it out.  We got dressed and headed over there.  Inside was all wood with different things from the desert.  The lights were long tin cans with designs punched into it and there was stained glass for most of the windows.  It was a bit dark inside but it was nice and quiet even with a room full of people.  After lunch we went to a few more shops that were by our villa.  After an hour or so we had to head back to get ready for the game.  I’ve been to 2 other professional baseball stadiums, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners.   Matt has only been to one, last year for our birthdays.  We went to see the Blue Jays in Toronto vs NY Yankees.  When we got there the stadium actually had a picture one of the old Mariner players posted on the outside wall.  It was Randy Johnson, I was surprised I actually knew a player…lol.  We had heard rumor that the Diamondbacks kind of suck and that they lost the last 3 games, so we weren’t expecting a good game.  The first 2 innings were BORING…but then in the 3rd we started to see a lot of action and they were actually winning.  It ended up being a really good game and they won.  We left in the bottom of the 8th because they were ahead by a lot and they were planning on doing fireworks after the game and supposedly they close off the access to the garage because that is where they shoot the fireworks off of.  I really didn’t want to get stuck in all that traffic so we headed back. 

Overall our vacation was really relaxing and fun.  It wasn’t the best vacation Matt and I’ve been on but it was worth it to see the Grand Canyon.  There are a lot of very different things in Arizona, like cactus’s and red dirt so I’m glad we got to see this part of the country.

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