Day 7: 4th of July

Day 4: Fourth of July!

Today is 4th of July!, Independence Day!  This holiday means a bit more to Matt than to me since I’m Canadian.  I do get really excited though because I know that we are going to get to see fireworks today!  When we first woke up we checked the weather and saw that it was actually supposed to rain.  That put a damper on any plans that we had so we decided that we would just stay around the hotel and maybe go shopping in this little town.  When we drove in the first day, we say a lot of little shops that would be perfect for getting souvenirs.   We really wanted to go swimming but there were already dark clouds out, so we watched a couple of episodes of True Blood and then got ready to go shopping.  We first went to a place called “The Town Dump”, it was a store with a bunch of random stuff.  A lot of it was directly from Mexico but we did find a few cute things for the kids.   The shop seemed to be exploding all over the place.  There was so much stuff in front of the shop, the side was like a whole other store and then when you went in, there was almost nowhere to walk because of how much stuff they had.   After leaving there we drove down the road a little ways and saw another weird-looking store that seemed to have the same theme of a lot of random stuff but good for souvenirs too.  There were two horses out front and I really wanted to go over to see them but I saw two legitimate cowboys sitting right in front of them and they didn’t seem like friendly cowboys so I thought I better leave them alone.  The store had a huge sign that said they had fried dough, Matt is a sucker for fried dough so he really wanted to go in after that.  The shop was a lot  more organized and clean than the last place and it smelled so good in there.  We found a few more things for gifts and then Matt headed right over to the counter for his fried dough.  While we were waiting Matt starting chatting up the guy at the counter and to say he was odd was and understatement.  Matt asked him about the spiders and scorpions in the area.  The guy seemed high off his ass or that not all the marbles were upstairs so it was a little hard to follow what he was saying.  He kept jumping around his story when he was talking.  Matt asked him if you got stung by a scorpion would you have to go straight to the hospital?  He said that he got bit by one and he just left it alone, he said it hurt a lot more than a bee sting but if you could stand the pain, you would be fine.  I wonder how many times he has been stung and if that’s why he was the way he was.   He then jumped right in to telling us about how he saw snow flakes the size of softballs fall on his shoulder one night after he left a bar.  I had no idea what he was talking about, I guess he was starting to tell us about the time he was in Buffalo, NY and it started snowing.  He said he wanted to go to Niagara Falls but it was snowing too much.  He was a really nice guy and we liked talking to him but he was off his rocker!  We went to a few more shops after that and then headed back to the hotel.  We stayed inside for a bit since it was starting to rain but then there was a break around 5:00, the sun came out so we quickly got our swim suits on and headed to the pool.  We got about 45 minutes worth of  swimming and tanning done before the sun started to go down behind the mountain.   Once we got back to the villa we decided to go out for dinner and a movie.  Matt really wanted to watch Prometheus.  I was really nervous to see it because I thought it was going to be really scary.  We went to the Outback first for dinner, it was dead inside.  It must have been because it was almost 7:00 or because it was a Wednesday.  We went to the movies right after and I was really surprised because the movies wasn’t too scary but it was enough that the movie was really entertaining and I was glad we went to see it.  We didn’t get to see any fireworks today but we didn’t really care cause we got an up close view of them last night. Happy 4th everyone!!!

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