Day 5 & 6: Poolside & Shopping

Day 5:

We planned on today being a lazy day, just hanging around the pool and hotel.  We had some breakfast and then got our swim suits on.  We went for an early afternoon swim.  It was so quiet I think you could hear a pin drop.  We were the only ones down by the pool and it was already 99 degrees at 10:30am.  We sun tanned and went in the pool for about an hour or so and then went back to the room to start getting lunch ready.  Matt was looking up stuff for us to do the rest of the week, around Cave Creek and also Phoenix.  He found a really big outlet mall near the city that had Zumies, Tully’s, Quicksilver and Pacsun.  He wanted to find a new bathing suit while we were on vacation and so far he hasn’t been able to find one he likes.  We thought that a little shopping might be fun and relaxing. We also found out that they have an aquarium that is about 10 minutes away from the mall so we decided to check that out too.  We headed over to the mall, it was another one of the outside malls.  I was kind of hoping that it would be inside because it was about 102 outside by now and I was really hot.  We went into a few shops and then finally Matt found a bathing suit at Tully’s.  It’s one of those that can be shorts or a swim suit.  While we were walking around we found a frozen yogurt shop called MOJO’s.  The concept of this shop was so smart, it was a do-it-yourself ice cream shop. When you walked in you picked out a size cup, then there were 8 different types of frozen yogurt to choose from and then you added as many toppings as you would like.  There was a row of 20 different things to choose from, like chocolate chips, gummy worms, marshmallow, and other goodies. When we got back in the car and headed over to the aquarium.  When we got there we saw that it was inside a mall.  I thought that was kind of weird, what kind of Aquarium is IN a mall? We went in to check it out and from the outside it looked like it might be really lame.  They wanted $20 for each ticket and so we decided that $40 was too much to take the chance that it was be really small and a waste of money.  We figured since we were in the mall already we might as well walk around.  My legs were still hurting from walking around so much yesterday and I was starting to feel like I was getting shin splints, which are really uncomfortable.  I’ve been looking for a purse the whole time we’ve been on vacation and I finally found one at Ross.  Matt and I both got a pair of canvas shoes and I got an American Eagle skirt for $12.  We were walking around the mall for about 2 hours so by the time we left it was almost dinner time.  We were both starving and exhausted, so our plan to have a lazy, relaxing day didn’t really happen.  We made tacos and then watched a couple of episodes of True Blood.  Matt fell asleep after the first one.  Overall it was still a fun day.

Day 6:

Today was litterally a lazy day. We didn’t do anything but swim and watch t.v all day.  We have so much stuff planned for the rest of the trip that we wanted to have a day to do nothing.  So there isn’t much for my to write about today except that we had a fun day and our dinner was delicious.  We bought sweet corn from the grocery store here and we got hot dogs to go with it.  The place we are staying had grills right outside our door.  Matt grilled up the hot dogs while the corn was cooking.  I realized that we didn’t have any of the corn holders that stick in the side.  I grabbed two forks and stuck them into the side and viola…you’ve got corn holders.  Matt thought it was really funny but he was the one with butter all over his fingers, so I was the smart one!  While we were watching tv we started to hear fireworks go off and so we started running all over the villa trying to see where they were coming from.  We ended up getting a front row view of the fireworks right out the window on the top floor.  It was sweet because we didn’t have to leave or be around 1000 other people to see them.  We sat on the bed and watched them for about a half hour before we went back down stairs and watched more True Blood.  The day was a bit boring and lazy but I loved it!

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