Day 4: My Birthday!

Today is my 30th birthday….yes 30! but I’m excited because I hear that you’re 30’s can be the best time of your life.  Matt surprised me with breakfast in bed, well almost bed.  I had just gotten up and I ran into him in the hallway with a tray of food.  We decided that we would go see the city for the day and he said we could do anything I want.  I didn’t really feel like doing anything major so we went to a mall in phoenix where I was able to get a few things with gift cards I had gotten.  We only stayed for a half hour or so because we planned on going over to the Phoenix  zoo next and we didn’t know when it was open till.  I really wanted to see the zoo here because we had gone to the zoo in San Diego and it was so different from the ones on the East Coast.  We got to see a lot of safari animals.  It was really really hot out, and we were sweating almost right away but I was having a lot of fun anyways.  We saw giraffe’s, lions, tigers, rhinos, bears, boars, lots of different snakes and so much more. The zoo was closing in about 2 hours so there weren’t that many people there.  It was like having the zoo to ourselves.  We walked around until closing and I could feel myself getting really weak and tired from the heat and the sun beaming down on me.  They had misters all over the zoo but they kept blowing up into the air so it wasn’t really doing anything.  At the very end they had these fans that were just blasting the water and it felt so good.  It was like the feeling you get when you’ve had a long day and you take a hot shower.  It was just the opposite. I was hot and this was so nice and cold.  After leaving the zoo we headed to another mall for some more shopping.   The mall was really busy so we didn’t stay very long.  We actually went back to the first mall because we only go to go into one store and we also wanted to see a movie later and this mall seemed to have the best movie selection.  We shopped around for about 2 hours and then it was time for dinner.  We saw a place called Wolfley’s and thought it looked interesting so we went there for my birthday dinner.  It was kind of like TGIF or Applebees.  We checked out the show times and a Matt said that we could watch anything I want.  I picked to see the new MIB and it was actually pretty good. There were a lot of funny parts in the movie and I thought it had a good plot.  By the time the movie was over it was about ten at night so we were both pretty tired from being out all day, so we headed back to our hotel.  Overall I had a really good day and I was glad I was able to spend it with Matt and also while I was on vacation.

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