Day 2: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Today started off pretty good, I slept through the night and when we woke up it was quiet and I felt really relaxed.  We decided to go out to breakfast but since we still didn’t have a car we had to walk somewhere close. We walked to ihop which was about 5 minutes away.  The food was pretty good.  When we got back to the hotel we gambled a bit and lost and then headed to a shuttle bus to take us back to the airport to pick up our car.  We ended up getting a Kia Optima.  It runs really good, the petal is a bit sensitive but overall I thought it was a really nice car.  We decided to drive right down the strip to get back to our hotel.  It was different from I thought but we were also seeing it during the day.  The buildings were so big and there were so many people, almost like NYC.   Back a the hotel we got ready to go for our first swim.  We were just lying on the bed resting for a few minutes when Matt started tickling me and so I grabbed onto his feet to tickle him. I guess by just pure reaction he pulled his feet up but I was still wrapped around him so I went flying to the side of the bed and since I was wrapped around his legs I pulled him down with me.  We both fell to the side of the bed which has a wall right next to it so we were squished between the bed and the wall.  I hit my head really hard on the floor and Matt hit his head on the nightstand.  LOL It was really not funny because it really hurt but I’m sure anyone who would have been watching would have been laughing their ass off.

It took us about 10 minutes to recover but once we did we got our bathing suits on and headed to the pool which was on the 8th floor.  It was so hot out, you couldn’t really walk barefoot on the ground because it was like standing on a fire.  We put on sunscreen and then laid out for about 30 minutes.  The pool was really cold, which is surprising because usually the water will be warmer because of the sun and hot weather.  An hour or so later we got dressed and headed out to check out more of the strip. We were really close to the pawn shop that you see on Pawn Stars so we decided to check that out before we headed to the strip.  We got there just in time because they said they were going to be filming soon so we all had to leave.  We didn’t get to see anyone from the show but it was cool to go inside and see where they film and to see the shop itself.   I got us tickets to the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  The Venetian hotel was so big and it seemed like it went on forever.  The museum was on the far side so we walked through the hotel to get there. The Venetian was like a mall inside but they made it look like Italy, with gondolas and the roof was made to look like the sky.  It was the coolest thing I’ve seen so far.  We didn’t buy anything, just walked around taking everything in.  The wax museum was so cool.

Some looked really fake but others were extremely creepy, how realistic they looked.  I got a ton of funny pictures and we even went through a scare room.  It was mostly people jumping out and banging on things but because it was so dark and quiet, it really scared the crap out of me when they did jump out.

We started to head back to the car, through the hotel again. Matt wanted to go a different way so we could see different parts of the Venetian hotel .  That ended up being a bad idea because we got lost for about 20 minutes just walking around in circles.  When we got back to the hotel we went to eat dinner, so we made a quick wardrobe change.  We noticed that we missed a few spots with the sunscreen because we were both sun burnt in a few places.  We got a buffet dinner in our hotel and then gambled for an hour and lost again.  We made one last trip up the tower since we didn’t get to see it at night last time.  When we got back to our room we noticed that it smelled SO bad of weed! so bad that you couldn’t even stay in the room for too long without starting to get a headache.  We spent the next hour fighting with the front desk, security and the maids, trying to get the smell out or find out who was smoking.  We ended up just spraying stuff in the room.  Well I bet we will sleep really good tonight…lol

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