Day 1: Arrive in Vegas

Well I’m going to call this our first day and a half because our vacation really started yesterday at about 7pm when we got to the airport.  The flight itself was really good but I can’t say the same for the people that were on it.  I swear my luck with planes is horrible, almost every flight I have there is a baby, a smelly person, or someone who won’t shut up.  This flight had 2 of those.  The seat in front of us a couple with a 10 month old baby (i’m guessing) that was crying about 75% of the time and then in the row right next to me was a guy who thought he was hot shit and wouldn’t stop taking about his stupid job interview “for a really big and impressive company” blah blah blah.  If he was hot shit then he wouldn’t be flying in coach.  Then he proceeded to talk smack about Rochester, saying how it was a hick town and really “unique” (with a sarcastic tone).  Once we finally made it to Las Vegas we had to grab a cab to our hotel because our car rental wasn’t ready until Friday.  4 miles and $32 later we made it to the

hotel.  At this point it is 12:30am in Vegas but for us it was actually 3:30am so  to say we were tired was an understatement.  We were starving so we got some food at a place called Roxy’s Diner, it took forever to get served and the food wasn’t very good.   We finally went to bed an hour later.  I felt so crappy from jet lag and just being really really tired.  After about an hour or so I woke up and felt so sick. I’ve been eating really healthy the last 6 months so I think all the greasy food I ate was not agreeing with me.  I started puking and kept that up for about 2 hours.  Awesome first night, right!?!  We woke up around noon the next morning and decided to just take it easy for the rest of the day.  I started unpacking some stuff and realized that my nail polish remover had exploded in my cosmetic bag and all my clothes now smelled like it too.  We ate breakfast at the buffet downstairs and that was really good. Matt got to eat as much as he wants, which made him really happy.

We decided to gamble a bit at the slot machines, an hour later we were down $40.  We had to grab some toiletries but the closest place was 1/2 mile away and since we didn’t have the car yet, we were walking there.  It was so hot out that by the time we got back to the hotel we both felt really dehydrated.  We ate lunch, gambled some more, lost again and then just hung out in the room for a while.  We went to the top of the tower right after dinner and that was sweet but made me really nervous at the same

time.  I know it sounds morbid but I couldn’t help but to think about all those poor people in the twin towers.  You could literally put your face up to the glass and it felt like you were going to fall to the ground.  It was so so so far down, I thought about all those people who jumped out of the window and now that I could see the distance it would be I don’t know how they did it.  It made me a little sad but then I tried to focus on what I was doing and where we were.  The view was amazing, so beautiful and the lights looked so cool on the strip.  We both were so tired after the long day and a half that I’m pretty sure we fell asleep within a few minutes.  I can’t wait for the next day when I have more energy, and we have our car!


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